Blast from the past…

I am preparing for a skype interview with my friend Bill Ramsey and his protege Aaron Eley when I came across this blast from the past!  My first call time on Revolution sent August 3rd, 2013 for that fateful day August 5th, 2013.  I remember being super nervous because I had lied and said I wasn’t “paunchy”…It turned out not to be a big deal!


Work Date:      MONDAY – August 5th, 2013

 05:15am – ALL TRIBESMEN & TRIBESWOMEN (specifically booked for this wrok date)

 06:15am – ADULT TOWNSPEOPLE (ONLY those specifically booked to work this date – from Wagon #2)


 11:00am – TOWNSPEOPLE GUARDS (Mike D., Casey D.)

 1:30pm – ONLY the following PATRIOTS: C. Bowen, J. Bader, P. Camp, J. Cornet, L. Foster (*all others will work later)

 2:30pm – ONLY the following PATRIOTS: W. Geiken, A. Fowler, J. Gish, J. Hocking, M. Leslie, D. Loment, P. Munoz, V. Noel, J. Pasco, K. Ramsey, J. Serrano, D. Shuffield, M. Strain, M. Suprobo, B. Whitfield, G. Wulczynski


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